Retreat Meeting Space

Mariel Camilleri and Peer Haagensen: Serendipity Healing Centre

Mariel Camilleri is located at Serendipity Farm in Caledon Ontario, where she is creating the Serendipity Healing Centre with her partner, Peer Haagensen. We will be ready to attract individuals and couples for private retreat experiences in the Spring of 2010.

Mariel has practiced as a Registered Massage Therapist, Personal Success coach and workshop facilitator since 1981. Her therapy space is now complete and she is accepting new clients.

Peer spent 25 years in the graphic arts industry and retired a few years ago to pursue his passion for creating. He wears many hats at Serendipity: Builder, Artist, Handyman, Farmer, and Lover of nature and beauty.

Both Mariel and Peer believe that your point of Power and Choice in life is the Present Moment. They see their purpose as being about creating the context for greater self awareness and your ability to stay connected and present to your deeper experience. They both enjoy participating in personal growth experiences, reading books and having deep conversations that challenge your assumptions and give you new perspective.

We welcome guests who want to find peace, and get centred.  Come, let go of stress and the tensions of your life and gain some perspective by being in nature, perhaps playing with some of our art supplies or even enjoying the garden and the animals. Eat healthy organic food, some grown right here at Serendipity Farm. Come with your family or a small group of friends and have our three-bedroom Round House to yourself for a unique vacation from the city. Or come on your own or with your Beloved to ‘get away from it all” and stay in the Garden House for complete privacy.